Instruction Leaflet

Treatment of Protrusion Skin Anomalies of any Kind


This package contains 6 units in 3 different sizes for the treatment of protrusion skin anomalies such as warts, moles and other abnormal cell proliferations. A unit consists of the CLIP AWAY ® and a round plaster.

Please read through these instructions carefully and attentively and avoid improper use of the CLIP AWAY ®.

A. Background information on protrusion skin anomalies.

About 20% of people suffer from warts, moles, or other abnormal skin anomalies (cell proliferations) on the skin.

Medicine among others distinguishes among age related warts, molluscum contagiosum, plantar warts, genital warts (condylomata), flat warts (verrucae planae), plane warts, brush warts and spiky warts.

Furthermore, there are moles (birthmarks), beauty spots, melanomas and others.

B. Instructions for use

CLIP AWAY ® is only intended for external application!

CLIP AWAY ® is not suitable for treatment in the mouth and throat.

CLIP AWAY ® is not suitable for treatment in the genital area or anus. Insofar as you are yourself not able to see the skin anomalies (e.g. on the back), a suitable person must take over the administration of the treatment.

Insofar as you are unsure, you should consult a specialist physician.

C. How can CLIP AWAY ® help you?

CLIP AWAY ® can help in the treatment of protrusion skin anomalies of all kinds. CLIP AWAY ® treats without cold, heat or acids, simply by pinching off the blood supply of the skin anomalies. As a result, the affected cells die and fall off.

D. How do you apply CLIP AWAY ®?

Prior to each treatment, you should check to verify which size of the CLIP AWAY ® is best suited for the cupping of the skin anomaly. You have 3 different sizes to choose from.

  1. Clean and disinfect the skin anomaly with a suitable agent.
  2. Clean and disinfect the pair of tweezers with a suitable agent.
  3. Clean and disinfect your hands and fingers with a suitable agent. Insofar as another person takes over the administration of the treatment, these instructions also apply to the person administering the treatment
  4. Close the pair of tweezers and guide its tip through the slit of the CLIP AWAY ®.
  5. Slide the CLIP AWAY ® up to the top stop of the pair of tweezers.
  6. Open the pair of tweezers and grasp the skin anomaly. If possible, gently pull the skin anomaly upwards.
  7. Gently push the CLIP AWAY ® above the grip of the pair of tweezers downwards until it is positioned above the skin anomaly.
  8. Endeavour to position the CLIP AWAY ® in the best possible way, so that it lies flat against the surrounding skin.
  9. Glue a suitable round plaster over the CLIP AWAY ®, so that the skin anomaly protrudes out in the middle and the CLIP AWAY ® is fixed.
  10. Insofar as you have placed the CLIP AWAY ® on a spot, where clothing can rub against the skin anomaly, we recommend that you attach a wound plaster over it.

The administration of the treatment is thus completed. Observe the skin anomalies daily. In the case of the correct application, the skin anomalies may where expedient, become discoloured within the next 7-8 days and then fall off like the scab of a skin injury. This process can also take longer. Insofar as the desired effect does not occur within 2 weeks, stop the treatment.

If this occurs, carefully remove the CLIP AWAY ® by trimming and use a CLIP AWAY ® in a different size or in another axis (e.g. with the slit rotated by 90 degrees). Repeat the administration of the treatment as described above.

It is possible that the CLIP AWAY ® can not squeeze the skin under the skin anomaly to a sufficient extent, so that the blood supply can be completely stopped. In this case, stop the treatment and consult a specialist physician.

During the treatment period you can carefully wash and also shower. The plasters have a durability of about 3 shower cycles.

Avoid swimming in public baths. Avoid bathing in the bathtub. Avoid visits to saunas. Avoid excessive exercise and excessive perspiration. Avoid exposure to intense sunlight. Avoid visits to a solarium. Avoid exposure to any kind of radiation. Avoid applying creams, makeup or other liquids or sprays to the treated spots.

E. Contraindications

CLIP AWAY ® is not suitable insofar as you have a weakened immune system.

Do not use CLIP AWAY ® insofar as you are suffering from an infection. Wait until all symptoms have subsided and you are fully recovered.

Insofar as you are treated by another person, the above instructions also apply to that person.

Do not use CLIP AWAY ® as long as you have an injury. Wait until the injury is completely healed.

Caution: Insofar as you injure the skin spot that is to be treated, there is a risk of infection.

CLIP AWAY ® is not suitable, insofar as you have poor blood clotting.

Insofar as you are unsure, you should consult a specialist physician.

F. Side effects and intolerances

Side effects and intolerances in the case of use as intended are currently unknown.


Keep CLIP AWAY ® out of the reach of children.

Package contents:

6 CLIP AWAY ® platelets in 3 different sizes
6 alcoholic swabs for desinfection
6 plasters for the Fixing
1 pair of stainless steel tweezers
1 package information leaflet

CLIP AWAY ® is a sales product of the REHO Medical GmbH

CLIP AWAY ® is Made in Germany.

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